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Terms & Conditions

Appointment Cancellations, Refunds, and Policies

All terms and conditions are hereby acknowledged once an appointment is made.


-We, us, and LNLD refers to Lake Nona Luxury Detailing or Patriot Eagle Aircraft Detailing.

-Cancellations and rescheduling must be made within 48 hours of appointment time. We reserve the right to charge 25-50% cancellation or rescheduling fee total of appointment otherwise. Same day cancellations will be charged at 80% of appointment total. 

-If a vehicle is locked and cannot be serviced inside, we reserve the right to charge the full detailing quote, while doing necessary detailing on the exterior (if possible) if we cannot come into contact with the customer. If a customer doesn't show up within the first 25 minutes of appointment, and no mutual agreement has been made, we will charge 100% of the appointment total to the client. No calling and no showing means we cannot service other vehicles at that exact time, and we reserve the right to charge for our time and reservation

Monthly Packages:

-Our monthly packages are charged on a monthly basis and include two full service details per month by appointment or prior notice. It is recommended to set apart a set 

day in the month to repeat monthly to have your vehicles serviced the same day each month, but is not required. To set an appointment simply call or book online and it

will be counted automatically into your plan. We cannot guarantee availability and will not refund based on availability. To have your vehicle serviced routinely, please contact us to setup a schedule.

-Customers can cancel at any time with no cancellation fee by logging into PayPal and managing their subscription, by emailing us at

There are no refunds for monthly charges. To avoid being rebilled, customers must cancel before their next billing cycle.



-Our services are provided on a best efforts basis. We do not provide any guarantees unless stated.


-We are not responsible for scratches, dents, or damages to interior/exterior.


-We may refuse additional services added after appointment is scheduled due to other customer appointment times.

-Services performed are the services that are listed on the package. Anything additional can be requested for an additional price.


-Payments are due same day immediately after services are completed.


-We do not refund based on weather. Florida is unreliable with weather changes, and we do our best to avoid booking appointments on weather, but cannot guarantee anything.

-We do not refund any payments. All payments are final. If you are not satisfied with services, please email us here, and we will do our best to accomodate you.


-We reserve the right to hold the vehicle's keys from the beginning of the appointment until receiving payment after the services have been completed.


-Charges for services may be under Lake Nona Luxury Detailing Corp or Patriot Eagle Aircraft Detailing Corp. 

*Questions or concerns? Please email us at

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